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End-toEnd Deal Management

Cyprus West-Coast (Paphos, Coral-Bay)

Private and corporate customers

Tailor-made for customer's specific needs



Real estate in European countries and in Israel grows extremely expensive


People wish to buy assets abroad either as an investment or for personal use, 

but find it hard to focus on the right location


Moreover, most of them lack the know-how, skill-set and time to materialize their dream 

Companies dealing with real-estate abroad sometimes create bad reputation,

a fact which keeps investors away

What We Do for You?

My team and I manage your asset's purchase-deal end-to-end, from vision to realization, 

in a professional and transparent way,

without acquiring ownership or any property rights on your asset 

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Real-Estate Entrepreneur

& Hi-Tech Leader:

• Vast real-estate investments in Cyprus & Israel 

• CEO & Founder @ Four-Dimensions

• Establishment of Global Sales Operations, @ EyeClick  @ QniVerse

Former Executive, Israel Prime-Minister’s-Office

Global Player:

•  Citizen of Portugal (EU), Israel

•  Speaks English, Italian, Spanish and Hebrew

•  Resided in Europe, Asia, USA, Israel, and Latin-America

Relevant Skill-Set:

• Certified Advocate, Israel Bar Association

• Executive MBA, Magna Cum Lauda, BIU Israel

• LL.B. Dean’s Honors, Buchmann Faculty of Law, TAU Israel


• Carefully selected estate agents

• Leading real-estate lawyer

• Leading accountant

• Bank of Cyprus (International Business Unit)

• Insurance company

• Asset management company (in rentals)

• Building management companies 

• Real estate evaluator

• Architect, internal-designer

• Reliable constructors

My Associates


1. Together we will define your need and specific requirements

2. We will scout/short-list appropriate assets which fit your need, you will decide on the winner asset; we will successfully complete AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedure, and will open bank account with Bank of Cyprus


3. We will perform all checks required (title-deed; encumbrances; 3rd parties; plans and permits VS. reality; regulations etc); we will draft an agreement, and both sides will sign   

4. We will close all legal, financial, operational and management aspects, ownership will be transferred, possession will be taken 

5. If you'd like to rent the asset for long-term we will find you a tenant; if you'd like to rent it on short-term (Airbnb/Booking) we will accessorise the asset, advertise it and start getting orders from guests 

Project Scope

5-7 months

Deal Management Fee 

7% of purchase price (VAT excluded)

Deal's Size Promotions  

on the sum higher than euro 400,000 - 6.3%

on the sum higher than euro 800,000 - 5.6%

on the sum higher than euro 1,200,000 - 5.0%

Returning Customers Promotions

2nd deal - 10% discount

3rd deal (and on) - 20% discount


2-3 Meetings

10% of deal's management fee

  • Define purchase goal/s

  • Introduce Paphos to the investor

  • Transfer relevant knowledge

  • Budget, financing, restraints, schedules

  • Design customer's specific requirements

Need (1) Phase


~ 1 Month

20% of deal's management fee

  • Field work in Cyprus to allocate appropriate assets

  • Short-list 3-5 runner-up assets

  • Provide assets-files to the investor in real-time

  • Make a proposal on the winner asset

  • Take the asset off the market, by depositing few thousand euro

Scouting (2) Phase


1-2 Months

30% of deal's management fee

  • Check asset's registration, encumbrances, etc.

  • Approval of real-estate deal to a NON-EU citizen

  • Open a bank account (requires certain documents)

  • Optional: asset's evaluation and/or check-up

  • Set agreement terms with vendor

  • Sign agreement, pay ~30% of purchase value

Agreement (3) Phase


2 Months

30% of deal's management fee

  • Self-financing, a loan in origin country or a mortgage in local bank; documents aggregation

  • Receive tax-authorities and municipality approval (vendor's responsibility

  • Asset's insurance; life insurance (mortgage)

  • Transfer utilities agreements: electricity, water, etc.

  • Introduction to building management company, and to asset management company

  • Transfer ownership in land registry,  complete payment 100% of purchase value

Ownership (4) Phase


~ 1 Month

10% of deal's management fee

  • Decide: short-term or long-term rental

  • Accessorising asset accordingly

  • Short-term: open Airbnb / Booking / alike, content, photos, advertisement and optimisation

  • Long-term: sign a contract with first tenant

Business (5) Phase


The required investment depends on different parameters,

such as the asset's type, size, location, condition, communal area etc.

In general terms (Paphos):

1 bedroom apartment  will cost 130,000-160,000 Euro

2 bedroom apartment will cost 170,000-220,000 Euro

2-3 Bedroom townhouse will cost 230,000-260,000 Euro

Villa will cost 450,000-600,000 Euro

The expected return on investment (ROI):

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Image by Naomi Hébert
Image by Thayran Melo
Image by Kyriacos Georgiou





Annual Net Profit




Annual Net Profit


Capital Gain

In recent years, average asset’s value increases 10% a year


Charming Getaway


Great value-for-money

Short flights Israel / EU

320 sunny days a year

1 of 5 safest countries  


Holiday Destination 365 Days

"Paphos is dominating the starred hotels market... Paphos has the most units in Cyprus, the majority of which belong to the "other" category (no-stars hotels,  apartments, villas etc). These are being rented out short-term"

Regional High Education's Hub

“IDC Herzliya and the city of Pafos established the Pafos Innovation Institute, which launched the international program for entrepreneurship in February 2019... Following the successful operation of Neapolis University and the recent decision by the Technical University of Cyprus (TEPAK) to set up a tourism school, the AUB (American University of Beirut) will inject new interest and boost the property market”

Paphos Marina

“….Paphos Marina, due to its strategically advantageous position... remains one of the most important projects for Cyprus. It is no coincidence that it should become the largest on the island with a capacity of 1000 ships, because Paphos is a point of attraction for this type of tourism from all over the Aegean Sea ”

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Image by Natalya Zaritskaya


Please fill-in your request or inquiry, and we shall contact you back within 48 hours


Thanks for your message!


Ayias Theklas 5, Paphos, Cyprus

Herzliya-Pituach, Israel

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